One of my biggest frustrations is removing the old jar labels from commercial jars.

And I am sure that I am not alone in my frustrations!

Remove old jar labels easily
Jar with stubbornly affixed label

So why is this such a frustration?

Well, as regular readers of my blogs would know, I love turning excess produce into jams and preserves. And you need something to store the jams and preserves in! Which means that you get to recycle old jars.

If you have put a lot of effort into making your own jams and preserves, you really don’t want the credit going to some commercial company! Therefore, you need to be able to remove the old jar labels. This is not always easy!

I’ve tried the old Eucalyptus oil. I’ve tried soaking overnight in soapy water and various other solutions to remove the old jar labels.

And I’ve even tried contacting some of the manufacturers to ask them to use different glues, all to no avail.

Well all this is behind me now, as I have found a simple solution that I just had to share.

Forgive me if you already know this and I am the last to know!

Remove old jar labels easily
Cleaned jar without label

To remove the old jar label all you have to do is spray the offending label with WD40 and wait half an hour. Really stubborn labels may need a second treatment, but it really works (see photo after treatment. This jar was donated to me)!!

It also works to remove any remaining glue residue off glass jars you have previously tried to clean. And, even better, it removes those pesky pricing labels off mirrors, photoframes and other glass pressies.

As more and more glass jars are replaced by plastic, the recycling of those old jars that are left is going to become more important! The replacement plastic jars just melt when you try pouring hot jam into them!

Now I am off to produce more bountiful crops to turn into future preserves.

Happy gardening 🙂

Rohanne, your Personal Garden Expert