I have just been out in my garden declaring war on the weeds that are happily pushing their way through after the lovely rain we had recently.

Oxalis - A story About a Nasty Weed
Oxalis leaves

Have you ever noticed that it is the weeds which are the first to appear?

In this particular case the weed I have been targeting Oxalis weed. Oxalis is a particularly nasty weed.

Oxalis - A story About a Nasty Weed
Oxalis corm

It is nasty because it is difficult to eradicate. While the Oxalis weeds leaves will die back after they are poisoned, the underground corm is much harder to get rid of.

If you try and remove the weed by hand, it will easily release the leaves making you think you’ve pulled the weed out. But the oxalis corm or nut will stay in the ground and grow stronger and larger!!

It also reproduces underground, sending out runners for new plants as well as creating new bulbils which spread to create new plants. Add to this the fact this it flowers and produces seeds above ground and you have a pesky weed!

Many non-gardeners let the oxalis grow and think they are clever when it produces its “pretty pink flower” (see photo).

This just goes to show that a weed really is just a plant growing in the wrong place!

If, like me you want to remove the Oxalis weed, and you don’t want to use strong herbicides, you don’t have a lot of options!

You can pour boiling water over the leaves. And if you do this often enough, you can kill the weed.

Oxalis - A story About a Nasty Weed

Oxalis - A story About a Nasty Weed
Oxalis flower

The other option is to remove the Oxalis weed by digging it up! I’m not sure if I should admit this, but I get a real satisfaction from digging down and being able to remove the corm and leaves of the weed.

Oxalis are weeds to me and this week I was pleased to fill almost a full bucket with oxalis weed!

And, luckily, I was about 80 percent successful in getting the corm (see photo).

True success – the leaves and corm removed!This really is the only way to successfully eradicate this weed.

Happy gardening 🙂

Rohanne, Your Personal Garden Expert